How to improve the love life, get fit, save money and save the environment

16 Steps to improve the sex life, get fit, save money and hopefully save the environment 

Following are 16 simple steps for you to implement in your life and routine, causing you to look and feel great, save money, increase your social life, love life and save the environment.

  • Stop using plastic bags and buying them at the supermarket: Research has shown that plastic bags never fully decompose but gradually turn into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic that micro-organisms can not detect as food and therefore they can not digest them. With 100 billion plastic bags being used in America each year alone, (De- admin, 2010) the implications are vast. These tiny particles will and do infiltrate all processes of the food chain until we are all ingesting plastic. Instead: use recyclable shopping bags (you can totes look totally trendy toting a nice tote). Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100 million tons of plastic in oceans around the world. (Sea Turtle Conservatory, 2015) To see the ramifications of this, search into Google: “plastic found in turtles stomachs” to see the true implications of plastic waste.
  • To reduce your carbon footprint, instead of driving, catch a bike or walk: this has many benefits as you can get fit and save money that would have been spent on fuel and at the gym. (It’s a win-win situation as you’ll get very toned legs from bike riding all the time). You can also walk short distances instead of driving which means you get your exercise for the day done and save further money that would have been spent on fuel (saving money, looking good and saving the environment? Awesome!) Also, the more often you walk around, the more chances there are of running into potential sex partners.
  • Take public transport: this will reduce your carbon footprint and means you don’t have to spend time and money looking for a park. (Parking rates in Sydney: HELLO?!) Plus, catching the train is a great opportunity to avoid road rage, as well as enjoy activities such as knitting, reading a book, or talking to the good looking person next to you.
  • Stop buying disposable plastic water bottles: Instead buy reusable/ refillable ones, these you can take and refill anywhere which means you’ll never lose it, you’ll always have a canister for water, you’ll save money and you’ll reduce the further expulsion of plastic into the environment.
  • Unplug electrical appliances and turn off lights when not in use: This will decrease your electricity bill as well as save energy and reduce carbon emissions, so literally everyone’s a winner baby (that’s the truth).
  • Carpool: see that co- worker who lives near you? Alternate taking turns to drive each other to work, you never know: love could blossom and Tina and Dave from Accounts could join in for an Australian road-trip with snacks and you could all become friends.
  • Share a shower: (need to spice up the sex life? Share a shower!) Bring a friend: twice the fun! Basically the rewards and hopefully the orgasms, will be multiple.
  • Reduce your water usage: By reducing your showers, sweeping your driveway instead of washing it, using a dual flush toilet and using a water efficient washing up machine you can also save money. Hello reduced electricity bill? Does it get any better? Visit: to see how much money you can save by implementing these tiny yet effective steps.
  • Try to reduce packaging for goods at all times: who needs that annoying plastic bag that is going to end up disintegrating and lying in thousands of pieces inside of a whale’s stomach? Not me and not you.
  • Dispose of your waste properly, correctly and sustainably, and where possible recycle: Do you know how to impress someone? Tell them you recycle. They will be in awe of how environmentally conscious you are and you will decrease your waste and the expulsion of plastic and waste into the environment exponentially.
  • Don’t litter: Don’t throw your cigarette butts or plastic on the street, this travels down the drain pipes into the water. Do the right thing, reduce your waste, recycle, and avoid plastic bags. It has also been proven that the chemicals in cigarette butts get released in the ocean to the detriment and harm of the fish. Do you want to be a fish, whale, turtle and dolphin killer? I don’t think so. By disposing of your waste and rubbish properly, you will be seen as a legend who has done what they could to reduce their footprint, clean the environment and save the sea life. P.S. As a fun activity option you and your friend/ spouse could snap on some rubber gloves and pick up any rubbish you see lying on the streets/ in the water and save turtle’s lives! How good!
  • Stop using exfoliants and face washes with microbeads in them. Did you know that in your average face wash and exfoliant there are tiny particles of plastic that do not biodegrade? (see above re. plastic) These eventually end up in the ocean, contributing to marine wildlife pollution and ultimately ending up in our stomachs as we consume the sea life. Did you know that you can not digest these microbeads? Luckily you can get the app that scans your product’s barcode and identifies whether there are plastic micro beads present. Visit: for more information. Alternatively, instead of buying products with microfoliants in them, opt to create your own, this is will save you money, make your skin look great and stop the expulsion of billions of microbeads into the food chain and inevitably in our stomachs (how good!) Feel free to visit this website to see how you can make delightful organic, natural and cheap ways to create your own facial exfoliants leaving you with smooth and attractive skin:
  • Have a candle lit dinner/ night /evening: where you use nothing but candles: this can increase the love life by enhancing the mood, creating a romantic setting and reduce the electricity bill (thus the monetary, social and romantic benefits can be seen).
  • Plant a tree: You can do this in memory of a loved one (imagine looking at a beautiful tree every time you thought of someone), or for a friend: “Hey friend! As a present, instead of buying you a terribly ugly necklace, I’ve bought you a tree that could potentially save the planet!” If you want to take your boyfriend/ friend/ husband/ girlfriend on a cute date: why not plant a tree? It could be a ‘wonderful willow’, ‘a friendship fern’, or a ‘love lime’. Also, if your business plants a tree, you can be seen as both ecologically sustainable and add Corporate Social Responsibility to your already successful business, visit: . or for more information.
  • When having a shower, stand over a bucket: you can then collect this water to water your garden and also decrease your water bill. You will also be a well rounded person who can put on their hobby list: ‘gardening’. You could also start a compost for food waste and grow your own vegetables which will increase your hobbies and reduce your grocery bill.
  • Install solar power: This will save you money on your electricity bill (WHAT ALL THESE SAVINGS?!?) and increase the price of your house exponentially as well as reduce carbon emissions throughout the world. Can it get any better? I don’t think so.

By integrating these measures into your routine, not only will you look great, feel great, save money and increase your social standing, but you will also help save the planet on which we live. We can not do this alone. Adopt these practices. Encourage your friends.  Write to your local government, tell them we want to reduce our emissions.

We have the capacity to affect change and therefore we must before it is too late.

So why is all of this important?

Climate change is real and it is our fault:

At the rate of which Australia is emitting carbon gases and emissions, we would need 3.9 earths to sustain the current population. The effects of global warming are going to be devastating for human health, our planet and the environment if we don’t undertake measures to reduce our own carbon footprint now. The world will see increased temperatures, drought, rising sea levels, natural disasters, and the extinction of entire species. It is up to you, as an individual on planet earth, to make changes to affect the future. If we stand up and fight to protect our environment, then there is some hope of preventing what is otherwise an imminent catastrophe. 2015 has been proven to be the warmest year on record and it is only going to get hotter unless we all do what we can. (WMP, 2015).

We, as a collective audience, can do something to stop it so we can say to our children and grandchildren: I did what I could to stop climate change. Instead of: I did nothing as I watched all of humanity destroy our planet entirely. If we don’t implement higher measures to stop global warming, we will create a planet that we can no longer live on.

 Further information:

To see your own carbon footprint and how many planets are needed to support you: Visit this website:

For more information, visit the following websites:


The ice caps are melting and polar bears are starving. There has been a reduction in polar bears population by 30% in the past 45 years. As ice caps are melting, polar bears are drowning and starving trying to reach the rapidly decreasing blocks of ice as they have to swim many kilometres. Let this image of a polar bear affected by climate change serve as a demonstration of the devastation we are wreaking upon humanity by doing nothing to stop climate change.

(Image courtesy of: Kerstin Langenberger, sourced from:

Starving Polar Bear.png


By not recycling your waste and littering, 100 thousand tons of plastic end in the ocean damaging sea life. Do you want to mutate, damage and kill sea life? I don’t think so.


Image courtesy of Turtle Crusades, sourced from:

Article written by Florence Falkiner

How to improve the love life, get fit, save money and save the environment

One thought on “How to improve the love life, get fit, save money and save the environment

  1. John says:

    I’d like to say well done, the steps to change the impact of humans on the environment are aspirational, idealistic and useful. However I think adding in step 17 would be prudent by asking people to reduce the amount of meat they eat throughout the week. I am not a vegetarian nor vegan, however I have seen their research and they are correct, animal agriculture amounts to a staggering 51% of human caused global warming and methane emissions. Just by reducing the number of meat meals we eat every week will assist the planet if people do not want to convert totally to vegetarianism. I have done this and only have 2 meat meals a week.

    I reiterate, well done your article is fantastic but I would recommend if you do not believe me you should watch cowspiracy and seaspiracy they will explain the statistics and reasoning behind my response.


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